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Abenteuername The 9th world - a world of future past (in English)
Spielleiter Ewiger Meister Des Schwarzen Auges
Rollenspielsystem Numenera Cypher
Würfel d20 d100
Setting SciFi Fantasy
Block Block #3, Sonntag 11-16 Uhr
Minimale Teilnehmerzahl 2
Maximale Teilnehmerzahl 5
Davon maximal online anmeldbar 3
Vorbereitete Charaktere? Ja
Offen für Rollenspiel-Neulinge? Ja
Beschreibung CodĂșn, you village at the edge of the eternal desert with its Magr and the Iron Wind, bordered also by rich farming land and inhabited by villagers mainly has become a hotspot for adventurers who seek nothing less than just danger, discovery and rich rewards that accompany the former. Not just since the City of Shadows was discovered with a black pyramid full of cyphers, CodĂșn has become a household name for the desparate and faithful alike, people that are willing to risk everything...for a rumor...the rumor of a RIFT and a HIVE... Are you one of those? How2play: https://youtu.be/E26Id3jBB7Q